miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Starting the week off rough

Okay here I go again! I’ll finish out my description of my weekend and the beginning of this week.

Saturday Night:
            After dinner we had a “noche de las chicas” (girls night) because there are only 5 girls in our group. We turned on the TV in our hotel room and ended up watching part of Kung-Fu Panda in Spanish while we painted our nails and had Oreos and milk. You can definitely find Oreos at every grocery store here but it makes sense because people don’t really make their own cookies here. They cook a lot but cookies are usually store bought.

            After breakfast on Sunday all of us students went on a boat ride. It was optional and I kind of didn’t want to go because I was so exhausted but since everyone else was going I wasn’t going to sit in the hotel room alone all day so I decided to go. It was nice but we were all so tired from all the activities and the sun that we spent most of the ride laying down. (I only took one picture on the boat but others took some and tagged me in them if you have any desire to check it out)
            After about an hour and a half of the boat trip we stopped so we could snorkel. I have snorkeled before in Jamaica but this was different because the driver of the boat came out with us and brought some crackers with him. “The fish love me” he told me and within seconds 30 fish were swimming all around us! It was amazing. I put my hand out and he dropped cracker on it and the fish were freakin out all around me! It was crazy because they were swimming right in front of me- I didn’t even need my goggles.
            I was feeling pretty sun sick and a little seasick so after seeing the fish I headed back to the boat with a few of the guys and we just laid out, trying not to upset our stomachs which was quite a task considering how much the boat was rockin.
            We had lunch on the boat so when we got back to the hotel we were basically ready to go. We gathered up our stuff, some of us took a quick shower near the pool and changed into clean clothes for the three-hour ride back. (The only clothes I had clean that wouldn’t be too tight on my sunburned legs were my lime green tie dye boxers which I paired with my pink and purple tie dye wife beater… ew! It was a pretty obnoxious combo!)
            Most of our group fell asleep on the bus but it was too bumpy for me to sleep so I watched The Italian Job with Jacob, who was sitting next to me- neither of us had seen it before so that was nice. We borrowed Nathan’s iTouch because it had movies loaded on it so we had to trade off holding it every 10 minutes! It was a pretty ridiculous experience.
            When I got home it was so nice to shower and finally get all the sand off of me that I couldn’t escape at the hotel. My parents had gone on a trip that day as well so we were all exhausted and went to bed at 9- I know I’m a lame college student but I love sleep!

            My goal for this week is to speak Spanish more than English. We’re all starting to realize how little time we have here in Costa Rica and how important it is for us to take advantage of every opportunity we have to speak Spanish here. It easy when we’re all together to switch to English but there are a few people in the group who are really good at staying in Spanish so I’m trying to follow their example.
            At night I was feeling kind of nauseous. I think it was a mix of sun-sickness and exhaustion. My host parents were very caring and took great care of me. I ended up going to bed at 7 because I just didn’t want to do anything but sleep. I felt bad that I was sick because I was complicating for them what was already a pretty sucky day.
            The aunt of my host-mom died Monday morning. She had been in the hospital for about three weeks and everyone knew it was coming but it was still sad. She was the mom of the host-mom of Jessie, the girl from our trip who lives right next to me, so that has been a strange situation for her to go through.
            My host-mom had to go to the funeral for her aunt in the morning and to top it all off I found out before I went to the University that their daughter had a miscarriage. She is 33 years old and has been married for two years now. Apparently last year the same thing happened, she got pregnant and after about a month lost the baby. I knew they were worried that it would happen again so it was so sad when I found out it had. They all have a great attitude during this difficult time though. They are trusting that God has a plan, even though it is not at all what they would have wanted in this moment. If you think of it, this family could really use your prayers right now. 


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