martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Una Adventura

So, my second update… It took me longer than I had planned to post a second time in this blog. Who knew being a blogger was so time intensive?

I think I’ll keep going in my day by day summary of my week- its easier for me to keep it straight in my head!

After class a few of us stayed at the University to help with an English class. There were maybe 8 people who came, all neighbors or friends of the university, and 5 of us helping our professor so it was really chill. We helped plan the activities and had a blast watching them learn. It was really refreshing to have the tables turned- finally we were the ones who knew what we were saying!

After class a dance instructor came to the university to teach us some moves. It was pretty hilarious watching everyone try horribly to do what the teacher did so well! Some of the guys, who as you know are supposed to be leading, had no clue what was going on while others were loving it and really knew what they were doing.

            We met at 7 to leave for Jacó- our first excursion! During our voyage on the bus it was so sunny, we were so excited to get to the beach! When we got there it was dark and rainy… and the beach was awful! The tides are so rough and the beach was mostly rocks so it was too painful to spend time in the water. Jacob and I ended up making a mermaid with the limited sand we had available to us. After lunch we convinced Profe to take us to a different beach and that was a lot nicer so we spent the afternoon playing in the waves and trying to body surf. Despite the clouds and the sunscreen I put on in the morning my back got burnt after spending so much time bent over working on my sand creation. The sun here is unbelievably powerful.

            Our hotel was very close to the Parque Manuel Antonio where we spent our whole day on Saturday. We took a tour through the park, which was kind of jungle-ish. We saw tons of beautiful flowers, strange insects, mischievous monkeys, lazy sloths, and even a toucan. After the tour we spent about two hours on the most beautiful beach. I spent most of my time laying out in the sand which was fun because the waves would come up often to where we were laying and attack us.
            I got pretty burnt on my legs because I didn’t reapply sunscreen as often as I should have. Whoops… Also, we all learned that we need to get better about drinking water when we’re in the sun. I drink multiple nalgeens each day at the university but it was more difficult to remember to drink when we’re on the beach. I think we all got sun sick.

I’m running low on battery now so I’ll stop here and finish up when I can!
Hope life in the United States is going fantastically! :)


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