martes, 19 de julio de 2011

Let the Vacation Begin

I know I haven’t updated in over a week but that’s because there’s just been so much going on I didn’t have much time!
Last week was our trip to Montezuma where it rained most of the time, which was fine with me because I was still feeling sick so I just stayed inside working on my paper and rested. 

Friday- The program ended. Woah.
My family arrived in Costa Rica. No way.
Eldredge family vacation summer 2011 has begun!

We spent the first two nights in Monte de la Cruz in a hotel 2 km down the mountain from where my university is so they got to see all aspects of my life in CR.
Saturday night for dinner my host family had us over for dinner. I was the translator which was fun but difficult because people would talk at the same time or tell long stories and I would get confused at what I was translating but overall it was fun. I learned that its hard for the translator to eat dinner when she’s always talking! Haha But seriously, it was great to see my two families meet and have them all be so loving get along so well, despite the language barrier.

Sunday morning we left for Puerto Viejo. We have a little bungalow we’re staying in, which is really cool. It doesn’t have air conditioning, it just opens up to outside and has lots of fans. It’s a very fun experience! I love being without TV to distract us and we only have internet when we’re in the restaurant/bar/game area so we’re pretty free of technology. We’ve been playing lots of cards since that is the only game we really have access to (cards are easy to pack!) and that has been very relaxing since you don’t need to think super hard to play Tens and Twos or Kings Corner. We’ve been trying to play Nertz but for that you need two decks of cards that are different and we have two matching big decks and two matching little decks so its been impossible but hilarious as we keep trying to find ways to do it!

We spent a few hours at the beach yesterday and somehow I got burnt. I reapplied sunscreen so many times but somehow I’m the only one who turned pink! Oh well!
Today the plan is beach again then visiting the town of Puerto Viejo and tomorrow a canopy tour is on the schedule (so hiking and zip lining). Thursday morning we head back to San Jose to be next to the airport for our flight that leaves early early early in the morning on Friday.

I think this is my last update so thanks for being patient with me as I tried out this blogging thing this summer! :)


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