lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Top Technology Scholarship

            Deciding on my favorite piece of technology was not difficult. My laptop is my prized possession. If you were to dive into its depths you would find yourself exploring all the details and inner workings of my brain. You would find notes overflowing with random thoughts, inspiring or funny quotes from books, songs or friends, ideas, lists, and things to remember. You would find drafts upon drafts of papers, projects and applications not to mention the hundreds of interesting articles, countless class notes, and occasional outlines that were used in their formation. You would discover photos cataloging all of the exciting, and even some of the mundane, moments of the past five years of my life. Favorite recipes, journal entries and even my manifesto for how I want to live would provide you with more than a glimpse of who I am. My computer is what I use to process, to learn, to achieve and to communicate.
In many ways it is my link to the world, thanks to the Internet. It is through my laptop that I plan events, meetings, or casual get togethers, communicating through email. After I moved away from the place I had previously called home I began to use it to stay connected with family and friends through Facebook and blogs. I am also able to keep up with loved ones through Skype, which allows me to witness birthday parties and even make hospital visits from hundreds of miles away. I also use it for ideas on how to improve my day-to-day life. I search out new recipes, organization ideas, craft projects and ways to save money though Pinterest as well as some fun blogs.
This year my computer has served somewhat of a different role as a result of the decision my husband and I made to simplify our lives by not having Internet in our apartment. Some may think that renders a laptop unnecessary. While I do use it less than I used to, it sill contains my world. I continue to use it multiple times a week for cooking alone. After all, it is a very convenient place to store my favorite homemade pizza recipe. It houses my calendar and helps me stay on track so I never miss an appointment or even a friend’s birthday. It’s where I type up scholarship applications or long email updates to have ready to send on my next trip to the library. Surprisingly enough not having Internet access all day every day has made me more appreciative of my computer itself. I can outline, type and read much faster without the distractions of checking all of my social media sites every few minutes. It helps me focus and be much more intentional with my time.
Although it probably isn’t great that I am so completely reliant on my laptop I consider myself blessed by the lessons I have learned on and through it. I can’t imagine life without it and I hope I never have to.

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